My new album is here!!! For free as always!!!

This is probably the saddest group of songs I’ve ever written, but I think more than that they’re all trying to find something good amidst being sad about loans and jobs. All my songs these days start as diary entries and turn into me writing a self help book to myself. It’s not the worst way to work, hopefully the encouragements I write to myself will connect with someone else! Maybe not. If you went to college and regret it, you might identify with these songs.

This recording was fraught with difficulties but it has been more than a year since I last put something out, and nothing since I changed the band name to “Akira Flip.”  I guess I would call this kind of a “demo” album. The songs are kind of finished, but the idea for this was to record what I could in a month (June) and just use whatever I had. Someday I’ll probably make cleaner recordings.

On the arrangements: I moved to California from Massachusetts last July, and I had to leave all my instruments back home. All I had was a guitar, but I couldn’t just have vocals and guitar so I decided to use some 8-bit/chip-tuney sounds because I think that’s the least awful digital tone.  Compare to say, synth string. And I’d been listening to a lot of BTMI and Math the Band, ha ha. Hopefully it doesn’t sound awful to you. I think it’s pretty cool. Fun fact, I recorded all the digital stuff with my computer keyboard, as in the one you type words on. It was very difficult.

I also ended up using some electric guitar on this, which is new. I hope folks who listened to my Puddleton EP aren’t disappointed. Use what you got, right? I think some of these songs (particularly Don’t Lose Heart) could have really benefitted from drums.

Anyways, I hope some people get some enjoyment out of this. Song writing is a great way to make something nice out of your problems and remind me when I’m older that whatever was happening back then was very real and maybe also that I didn’t have it so bad. There’s definitely people who have it worse.

Anyways anyways, I think I’ve talked enough. If you want to read more, click on the songs on band camp. There’s individual liner notes! 


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